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About Us

The Machine Learning Archive is a technical blog focused on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and AI in general. We’ve identified the lack of public free content on the various topics under the umbrella of Machine Learning. This blog is aiming to educate developers and Software Engineers interested in Machine Learning an AI.

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ML Archive was established by Yousef Hesham in 2022 as a way to Archive the Learning process of different topics in the field of Machine Learning. Yousef is currently a Senior Machine Learning Engineer that’s always trying to explore new and emerging Technologies, Architectures, Models and Frameworks.

Since we believe in the power of open-source, We always try our best to provide added value with each and every article using open-source code. We have also made it possible for you to collaborate with us. You can find our work on Github, discuss AI related topics with our community on Slack, and like and share our Tweets and LinkedIn posts. Lastly, if you need help from our engineering team, please reach out through the Contact Us page.